Pictures of the cameras coming when I get round to it.

Current cameras

Fuji Finepix A101

The 1280x960 pictures are taken using a Fuji Finepix A101. This camera can also take 20 second silent videos, 320x240, in AVI format. It handles low light well, though with a longer exposure. This combined with use of the screen rather than the viewfinder, and inexperience with the camera, has resulted in several of my indoor shots being a little blurred. Sorry!

Fuji Slimshot

Some of the 640x480 pictures are taken with a Fuji Slimshot. The viewfinder on this camera takes a bit of getting used to, so some shots are not as well centred as they might have been! Also the camera is very light and therefore easy to move while you push the shutter button. Unfortunately it does not handle low light conditions well.

Nokia 7650

The other 640x480 pictures are taken with my Nokia 7650 phone. These are easy to spot as the lens has a slight fish-eye effect and the edges of the pic are distorted. Also the images seem slightly blurred and out-of-focus at full size - reduce them to 240x320 and they look much better! This 'camera' handles low light conditions well, though again with a longer exposure time. The actual pictures are taken a fraction of a second after you press the button, making it very hard to catch a moving subject properly. I also find it very easy to blur pictures with this camera...

Coming soon!

Canon Powershot A70

2048x1536 images (3.2 megapixel), 3x optical zoom, 640x480 movies with sound... Aah.... I'm looking forward to it!

Olympus InfinityZoom 200

35mm camera I have used for several years, I will start scanning some pics soon (honest).

Pentax Auto 110 Super

A superb camera, interchangeable lenses, manual focus etc. Let down by the poor processing that 110 cartridge film generally gets. Shame really.

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Olympus XA-2

A good 35mm camera that I used for several years, until I lost it... :-( . Conveniently pocket-sized.

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