Swindon's new platform 4

fGW's Swindon station has a new 'down' platform - platform 4. It opened on June 2nd 2003. The first train to call was the 13:15 Paddington-Cardiff (so I have been told).

The images on this page were taken with a Fuji Finepix A101. Click on the images for a larger (1280x960, generally 70-150k) version.

An HST calls at the new platform.

Some views from the 'old' platform.

Some general views up & down the platform.

The west end of the canopy is somewhat unfinished.

The 'Emergency Exit' appaear to be down the platform ramp - but how do you get there without breaking any rules?

The platform seats are present but not yet installed, and the 'Help Point' isn't finished yet either.

Stairwell to the new platform - the subway end isn't quite finished yet.

Very flat information monitors. The platform also has a standard 3-line LED board.

The east end of the building is a little dull, though the (blue lit) toilets are very nice (a change for Swindon!).

Finally, some detail of the platform structure. Notice the total lack of those often commented on red/white sliders!

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